How to Learn Better, Make Mistakes! :)

Make Mistakes

Trying new things can be scary, risky and unknown! However without risk we cannot grow and get better. We are on this earth for just a little while. Playing life safe is an option, however it is not what we are here to do. We are here to learn and grow, to make the most out of every possibility. We are programmed for new and different experiences. Just think about what you like to eat. I love dark chocolate, but if that was all I ate I would get very sick of it. Same thing with our clothing choices, do you wear clothing that is the same color, style and cut all the time. I think not. We need change and we need new things in our lives. Try something new.

My students at school are amazing. I teach a class called, “College Career and Success”. Students in their first term of college take this class. The course covers, as the title of the class implies many skills and knowledge that lead to success in school, career and life, On the first day of class, I look out on the students and see some faces that are eager and ready to take on this new challenge while others are anxious and questioning whether they are ready to be college students. Some haven’t gone to school in a long time and/or many of them school in the past was a difficult experience. Other students have had very hard lives. Walking through the doors of the school was very overwhelming for them. Many of the students have been given the message that they are not smart enough or worthy enough to be college students and they believe these lies.

My job is to teach them how to be successful, step by step. Helping them gain confidence and skills to be successful in college and life. It is fun to see the students’ progress through the term, learning and gaining confidence in themselves. I have seen students go from the beginning to the end of their degree programs. It is amazing how much they change and grow. At graduation, you see students that no one thought would go to college come out with a new found belief in themselves and a pride that is well earned.

We need to try on life and create experiences that help us to understand ourselves and live life to its fullest. Try something new and create an experience that make you grow and live life more abundantly. I will end with something my father always said to me as a child, “The only people that do not make mistakes are the people that never try.”

The worst thing you can find out is what you do not like it or this does not work for you. It is like seeing an outfit in a store and wanting to buy it, and not being able to afford it. What happens next is you can think about the outfit and how you want it, but can’t afford it. What a bummer! The alternative is trying the outfit on. The worst thing is that it looks great and you still want the dress. However you could try it on and find out it doesn’t look good on you and then, not buying the outfit doesn’t bother you anymore. So do not worry about trying something new, I promise, you will make mistakes. Mistakes are just opportunities to learn and to become better.