How to be proud of yourself?

On my husband’s birthday, he got this awesome card from his dad. The quote on the card really made me think about how I am living my life and how does that affect others around me? The quote goes like this:

When a man (or woman) has a good heart

and lets it guide him or her-

When he or she seeks what is true

and strives to live by it –

When he or she understands his or her own gifts

and does his or her best to share them –

That man or woman does himself or herself

and those who love him or her proud.

I read this quote and started asking myself, “Do I have a good heart and am I guided by it?” What does a good heart look like and how is one guided by it? I think a good heart starts with God’s love and how we as God’s creatures are the vehicle of his love to those around us. For me I believe this is about, “Do I choose to be loving, kind, caring and understanding to myself and those around me and do I love God?” Having a good heart and being guided by it makes me a better person. How are you living and being guided by a good heart?

Seeking the truth and living by the truth is very important, but “what is truth?” In today’s world “truth” has been twisted into something that fits whatever situation you are facing which makes truth weak and vague. Truth needs to be truth no matter what the situation is; I believe that God’s truth the Bible is an excellent determination for truth. Truth brings about honor, justice safety and peace according to the Bible. So being a person who seeks the truth will be well grounded and have a solid foundation. Living by the truth bring into a person’s life security, honor and peace. This makes me want to be a person that seeks out the truth and lives by it. Does this kind of truth make you want to seek out the truth and live by it?

What does understanding your gifts looks like? For me, it is knowing yourself and how God designed you in your own unique ways. It is also accepting yourself with both your strengths and weaknesses. Once you know these things about yourself, you can then flourish and share those gifts with others in great and meaningful ways. Who are you and what gifts do you share with others?

The last part of this quote is about combining a good heart and being guided by it, with seeking truth and living by it, and finally knowing yourself and your gifts while sharing them with others. In the quote, it says when you combined these elements you can be proud of yourself and those around you will be blessed as well. Are you proud of whom you are and are those that love you blessed because you are a part of their lives? My husband was told by his parents that this was true of him. What an honor to be told that you bless someone in these ways. If you are blessed by someone in your life share this quote with them. I will challenge myself and you to be a person with a good heart, lives by the truth and blesses others through our gifts.