Enjoy Every Moment! It will Change your life!!

Hope everyone is having a great day! Each of us have a choice to make whether to see the positive out of life or to see the difficulties and problems. My own natural inclination due to my personality and many difficult experiences in my life is to see the problems that surround me and forget what I am grateful for in the moment. Are you experiencing something difficult or painful? Unfortunately, sometime life has some very difficult situations that we have to deal with. Life is not easy!

However, we have the power to take charge of a moment and decide to change our perspective. Perspective is like the old story of seeing a glass of water as either 1/2 empty or 1/2 full of water. When we see the glass as 1/2 empty, we focus on what is not there, what we want to be there and feel powerless to change things. However, when focus on the glass as half full, we focus what we do have and opportunities that are possible and have hope for the future.

So take a step to see life with possibilities and hope! Choose to find three things you are grateful for, enjoy them and share them with someone else. It may not be the solution to the problems you are facing. It can however be the beginning of feeling better and begin feeding your brain with positive experiences. This does not happen overnight, but it is the start to a new way of thinking and reacting to life in general. So make the choice of being grateful, positive and enjoying each and every moment, because you will not get this one again ever!