Counselor in Lake Stevens Counseling
Counselor in Lake Stevens Counseling
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Counselor in Lake Stevens Counseling
Counselor in Lake Stevens Counseling


Congratulations for taking this brave step! Counseling with Tatiana is an encouraging, insightful and a focused experience.  She offers a free 15 minute phone consultation to clarify that Embrace Hope is the right fit for you.​



Embrace Hope Counseling offers its clients therapy for different situations. Tatiana works well with a variety of individuals and brings her compassion and hope to them. 


Are you struggling with sad feelings and not being able to enjoy life? Do you get easily frustrated and do fears keep you from going forward?



Relationships comes in many forms: the relationship you have with yourself, a significant other, family, friends, coworkers and your spiritual belief system. Healthy relationships are Tatiana's passion.



Have you lost someone or has something significant happened in your life? Are you having a hard time letting go and getting on with your life? Tatiana knows Trauma is difficult to get through.


Whether you are facing a life threatening illness or a life changing disease, Tatiana has the skills, knowledge and experience to increase your quality of life.




Do you feel stuck and not able to reach your potential? Does your career cause you to be isolated because of the position you hold? Tatiana can assist you in reaching your potential and in your career and life.



Whether it is a child struggling with difficult issues or the whole family having a hard time feeling loved or respected by each other. Tatiana can help each individual feel significant while making the family a health system.




Life StrugglesLife can be very difficult. You are not alone!  Tatiana wants to walk with you through your most troubling  experiences.   In her own life, Tatiana has faced many challenges.  She knows how it feels to be at your wit's end and be without hope.   You can trust her to be understanding, supportive and bring hope to your life. 


Self esteem and Balance Do you doubt yourself?  Are you struggling to balance all of life's responsibilities?  You are not alone.  Tatiana loves to come along side you to help you build yourself esteem and bring a sense of stability.

Culturally Sensitive: Tatiana loves working with people of all beliefs and backgrounds.  She has muli-cultural experience and is always eager to learn.  If you are a Christian, she does offer faith-based counseling as well – this choice is entirely up to you, the client.​


Therapy Approach: Tatiana uses a variety therapeutic theories and techniques with her clients. This gives her flexibility to customize therapy to the client:  Person-centered, EMDR, CBT, Gestalt, Satir, Psycho-Educational and Developmental.

Educations and Experience: In depth Psychology education, broad professional experience, & specialty training is what Tatiana brings as well as being a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Washington.


Testimonials of Tatiana's Services

Due to confidentiality the names of my former clients cannot listed.

> Previous Couple Clients Thoughts

"Tatiana was nothing short of Miraculous, in our time of working with her over the course of two years. She was able to effectively help my Wife and I navigate through the typical obstacles that so often destroy marriages, especially after the ten year mark. We are eternally grateful for her genuine care and concern for the future welfare of our marriage. My wife and I come from Families riddled with a history of Divorce. It is not a stretch to say that our time with Tatiana will ultimately produce a break in the proverbial chain of Divorce that will last for generations to come. I highly recommend Tatiana to anyone searching to strengthen their marriage. "  E. L. & K. L.

>Previous Client

"Tatiana Bowers is the perfect blend of grace and wisdom. She has truly helped me grow through her ability to challenge me in a very non-threatening way. I am a private person and opening up to others is difficult for me, but her warm and welcoming disposition made me feel safe enough to tell her what was on my mind. She is very knowledgeable and clearly knows what she is doing. I am so glad I found her." G.W.

> Supervisor

"Tatiana is a wonderful person and experienced counselor. She has vast experience working with families and couples. She understands people and has a wonderful ability to support people from various backgrounds and life experiences." Leah Marteniz, Licensed Marriage and Family Supervisor with 15 + Years in the field.



Embrace Hope Counseling is conveniently located is right off of Highway 9 just south of Lake Stevens and north of Snohomish and Highway 2. 

It is the first building in the Highway 9 Business Center.  When entering the building, go up the stairs, press the button under the sign and take a seat in the waiting area.  I will be out as soon as possible. 


For your free 15 minute initial consult simply fill out the contact form. 


Tatiana Bowers LMFT

9826 32nd ST SE Ste A109

Lake Stevens, WA 98258


 Phone: 425-320-4025

Fax:        425-385-3850

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